Friday, June 6, 2008


Kristofor and I celebrated our 1st anniversary last Sunday! First we were going to go to Anniversary Inn, but bought new couches instead. Then we were going to ride the FrontRunner to Salt Lake, but got in a tiff instead. Then we made up and went and ran errands, which was actually pretty fun. Early in the morning Kristofor decided he needed a donut - which was fine with me! I love junk! So we had some delicious donuts. I had decided a few weeks before that I needed a steak. So we went to the Timbermine, which is where he proposed to me. We had steak wrapped in a strip of bacon - I don't think my taste buds have ever been happier. It was lots o' fun!
Then on Tuesday my sister Brein went to the hospital to "get started," aka start having her baby! She had it at *almost* ther perfect time, too. She delivered probably half an hour after I got off work! Me, Rileigh and Madi arrived at the hospital about 5 minutes too late, they'd already taken her in to get a C-Section! I was kinda bummed, because I've never seen a baby be born except in a video I saw in my Child Development class. Ri, Mad and me hung out in their room, waiting. We took videos of us doing "welcome to earth, baby" dances, kissing her bassinet for good luck (no one tell Brein, she might flip) and then we played charades. Then in wheeled Brein, and Doug carrying baby London! I used to think babies (especially newborns) were kinda ugly, but all my nieces and nephews are forcing me to change my mind! Really, London is a beautiful baby. I desperately need pictures!
Yesterday I babysat my nephew Jameson. On the drive from Brigham to North Ogden I mentioned something about Planet Earth.
Jameson: "Is that what our planet is called? Earth?"
Me: "Yep."
Jameson: "I know another planet that's so tiny you can't even see it. It's called Whoville."
I tried to contain my laughter and told him about Pluto, which is small for a planet but big to us. WAY over his head.
I asked what he thinks about London. He gushed about how cute she is, and bragged about how he washed his hands TWICE before he held her - once with soap and water, once with "anti-bacteria."
"Aariel, what's that? What's 'anti-bacteria'?"
"Well, do you know what germs are?"
"Germs are what make people sick. They're so tiny you can't see them. Like if someone sneezes, they shouldn't sneeze on people because their germs might make someone else sick."
"But if there is a big pile of germs, I can see them?"
"No....they're different. Anyway, bacteria is like another word for germs. 'Anti-bacteria' means it's against bacteria. It kills germs. I could be anti-Joseph (our chauffeur), that kind of means I don't like him."
"Hahah! I'm anti-Joseph! I'm anti-Aariel!"
"'re not really anti-Aariel, right?"
*suddenly serious* "No, I like you. I really really like you!"
Then I ate ice cream and he drank pop.
I got my hair trimmed, and got fringe bangs! I don't know if that's what they're called, but I like 'em! A few people at work told me they like them too. "They're my favorite thing you've done to your hair yet"
My cousin Sarah's wedding is tomorrow. It's supposed to rain. I don't want it to, because she was going to get married in my parent's backyard, which I adore. I guess now it'll probably be in a church, or we'll just have to bring umbrellas.
I vote umbrellas.