Thursday, December 11, 2008


We found this sad lad on our little walk. Pour boy dropped his ice cream - but we're not too nice to laugh at him. HA!
And try to profit from his loss, if y'know what I mean. *nudge nudge*

A long while back my friend Chelsy came up to visit me from Provo (she is nice like that). I picked her up at the train station and we walked up and down 25th street (my favorite street in the world) and ate at La Ferovia - it was scrumdiddlyumptious! Then we went to my parents' house and visited and then she came a toured my apartment and then it was over! Chelsy's going on a mission in January so this was our last hang-out before she left.
It was really nice to be able to just chat and hang out. I've been friends with Chelsy since I was 14 and I'm so glad we're still friends even though we have our own lives and live far away from each other. Sometimes certain friends are only your friends for a while - when you part ways and then try to get back in touch, it's just not the same. With Chelsy, it's *almost* like I never moved away. Which is nice.
I like.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I was tagged and other news

First the news. My crabs are dying and dead. The other day I looked in the cage and Waldo was upside down and my first thought was: "DEAD!"

I was right. Kristofor checked - Waldo started to fall of out his shell and stank - yuck! So I buried him in a box in a garbage can and wrote: "RIP Waldo. Here lies Waldo, a shy and crippled crab."

Then this morning Kristofor looked in the cage ParkNamJoo had her legs out of her shell. He touched her and she didn't move (very unusual). Same thing - dead. She wasn't tight in her shell and she stank. We put her in another box but I haven't "buried" her yet (aka put her in the garbage).

This is the first time that I have had a pet die (Ok, Babe the guinea pig did not count because she disappeared!). It's weird! I feel like a bad mom. :( But I think they were just too cold - our kitchen is freezing at night.

Kenshin is still alive but weak. He moves so slow and is kind of shaky. =( I want him to live! Maybe they have a crab disease, or else why would that all be dying at the exact same time?

Kenshin *might* be going to rehab at Brein's house, and hopefully make a full recovery. We'll see.

I got tagged by Madison, so here goes.

The Rules:
*Mention the rules on your blog.
*Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
*Tag 6 fellow bloggers

Showering. I get grossed out by the shower when I'm showering. I can't let my towel touch the walls, I don't like my body to touch the walls, I rinse more than I need to, and if I take any steps after I turn the water off I feel like my feet are getting dirty. Sometimes I'll turn the water off with my right hand, then use my left hand to squeeze extra water out of my hair onto my right hand to rinse it off.

You know how people "beat-box" or whatever it's called? I do something like that except inside my mouth. Like if I have a song in my head I'll make a beat to it by sliding my teeth against each other and swishing my spit around (it sounds gross, I know. But it's not like I have a lot of spit in there). I have done this as long as I can remember.

I love surprises. It doesn't even matter what it is. Kristofor is so good at getting me excited for things, and so secretive, I can get really pumped up for something even if it turns out to be jsut a treat or something. Like last Christmas was one of the most exciting Christmases just because I had NO idea what my presents were going to be and Tofor would tease me by telling me just a little bit about what he had got for me but now enough for me to know. You know?

I like to think that taking vitamin and mineral supplements isn't good for you because you should get all that stuff from eating good, natural foods. But the thing is, I don't eat good food and I don't get the nutrients I need. For a long time I wouldn't buy supplements because I'd rather get them through my food -well, I finally broke down and bought some. And I love taking them!

I love doodling. I love drawing pictures during work, class or church. If I see something that can be colored, I color it. If there is a coloring book out at my in-laws house that's been left out, I'll color in it. I love playing with chalk. BUT, whenever I sit down to do an art project, my mind likes to go blank and I don't get any ideas.

I get bummed out about games. Like board games. I should be banned from Settlers of Zarahemla because I ALWAYS lose and get pissed off at everyone. I take things personally and sulk the whole time! This is the only game I get like that in! But if I'm playing a game with someone and they get tired of playing before I do, it makes me sad.

I'm gonna tag:
Whoever wants to do this.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

baby don't

I don't really know why, but these amuse me to no end.

Monday, October 27, 2008

for madi's eyes only . . . kind of

So Madi and I were trying to figure out what to be for Halloween (yes, 4 days in advance). I'm borrowing Lynette's dress and really wanted a hat to go with it, but this is the best I came up with. At first I was so excited; then I realized it looks like a turban, especially from behind!
AND, the dress is too small for me, which is clearly visible in this picture.

Okay, I am proud of how clear a picture my camera took! >:[ grr shadows

It was fun to dress up for a litle photoshoot, but I think maybe I won't for Halloween. If it was just with family or friends I would - but it would only be for work (no halloween get-togethers), and I promise I would be the only person dressed up.
Then when people would ask what I am ? A girl dressing up? I have a dress from the 70s, a washcloth made into a scarf (which kristofor said makes me looks like a poor person - he saw it sans the dress) and my own shoes. So I wouldn't be anything, really.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Kristofor and I took the Frontrunner to Salt Lake last weekend to go to Conference. I was so excited because I've never even been in the Conference Center - plus, I love Salt Lake.


A nice lady took our picture before we boarded. We did Sudoku the entire way down.
Ogden!! I love Ogden. It's ugly and pretty at the same time.

being serious.
Waiting to leave.

The dog food factory, home of Ogden's nasty/kinda-good-if-you-don't-know-what-it-is smell. (the yellow one, I think.)

Yar! After conference there was a guy dressed up like a Devil walking around wtih a Book of Mormon asking people if they wanted to read his favorite book. I know, I should frown upon this and I do, but . . . I couldn't help but laugh. He went through all that effort of dressing up and painting his face, when no one is going to listen to him! Plus, he just looked silly. Oh my. I just wonder why people don't have something better to do with their time?

It was so rainy and cold, but pretty because rain makes the color of everything more vivid. I was glad Kristofor has an umbrella, but it was kind of dangerous! I got poked many-a time and I'm sure I accidently stabbed my fair share of unsuspecting victims.
Coming back to Ogden. The Union Station is probably my favorite building (besides temples) in Utah. Or maybe the entire world. Who knows, I just love it!

C'est fin!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

20 mile distance

I live a 20 minute drive away from my family in Brigham. I have always been bad at keeping in touch but it's pretty sad that I can let a 40 minute round trip keep me from visiting my family more often. I know I don't need an appointment or invitation to drop by, which I do try to do sometime, but still.

I'm not invited to many things. A lot of times someone will say "are you going to such-and-such event?" And I say "No one told me about it." I guess this would be miscommunication, but a lot of times I think people don't bother inviting me because they don't think I will come.

Something I have a really hard time with is if I'm only invited to something here and there, there is much more pressure for me to come to every event I'm invited to. If I was invited to tons of things, it wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't come to every thing. I feel like if I can't come to something I'm in the doghouse. Once I was invited the day before an important event and I couldn't come because I had plans. I then got a guilt-trip phone call about not making it. First, if it was so important it would have been helpful to know more than 24 hours in advance. Second, why am I even IN the doghouse?

I don't pressure anyone to come visit me in Ogden. In fact, I've lived in my apartment for over a year and have never had anyone from Brigham come hang out with me here. Joe's come a hundred times to hang out, and I've been to my sisters houses plenty of times, but they've never come to my apartment. I've never expressly invited them to, partly because it makes more sense for one car to drive to Brigham than for a couple cars to drive here. Partly because I feel
like if I don't have a reason (birthday or something) then it's not a big deal. I don't think there would be a reason that any of my family would feel unwelcome here or that they can't just stop by. I just don't think they want to.
I feel like the unpopular sister. I'll call my sisters sometimes to see how they're doing or whatnot. I don't get calls like that. I sometimes get calls to babysit. Sometimes invitations. but no one calls me to ask how things are going for me. I just really feel left out, because the people in Brigham see each other all the time. I don't expect to get invited to come if you're running to get something to eat at Wendy's. But sometimes it would be nice to get a call to hang out without it being a big family gathering. I don't like feeling like my sisters aren't my friends.
I know I'm bad at staying connected with my extended family. I still feel like a little kid who only goes over to grandmas house when my parents go. It's really something I want to get better at. I need to be the one to stay connected and not expect other people to do it for me.
It's hard for me to want to hang out with people when plans aren't solid. I'm not unflexible, but when people show up hours late, or when it takes hours to do we planned...I get frustrated. I just think it's really lame. What is the point of having a plan if you don't plan to follow it? I'm really not anal, I promise. I'm consistently late to things like school and church. I like doing spontaneous things.
Sorry for the whiney post (if you made it this far) but sometimes things build up and up and need to get out somehow. I figure a blog about it is an easy way to get things off my chest -like writing in a journal but faster.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Introducing: Oscar!

I was bored Saturday and decided I definitely needed a fish. This is what happened! Above is his humble fishy home, nice and cozy next to the printer. Below is a picture of all he did the first day - stay at the very top of the water. He would occassionaly swin around, but I think he was used to his tiny cup/home and wasn't used to all the water!
I named him Oscar. I was thinking of Thaddeus, but it just didn't work. It took me 2 DAYS to pick his name. Partly because I was fresh out of ideas, partly because I kept forgetting.
He really is very pretty.

I will probably post pictures of my crabs soon. They are so ugly, it will be a fun photoshoot.