Monday, April 11, 2011


When Kristofor and I got married, my grandma and grandpa Jensen gave us a little brown side table. I wasn't crazy about the faux-wood finish, and I've recently been inspired by before and after pictures of old looking furniture that's been re-painted in fun, cheerful colors. And considering we'll be living in some boring beige apartment soon, I figured I could get in on the painting-furniture fun and add some color to a piece I know I'll use.

Please excuse the poor quality pics, they're from my phone.

I had such a hard time picking a paint color. I wanted either a taxi-cab yellow, a bright blue, or a chartreuse-y green. Halfway through the painting process I was really regretting my choice of blue, but now that it's done I'm pretty happy with it. And if, after a while, I get tired of it, I can just sand, prime, and paint it again. Right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

church is hard..

I kind of hate to admit it, but I have the hardest time paying attention during Sacrament meeting of church - well, scratch that, I'm good for the actual Sacrament, but once those talks start... I'm a goner. I'm always fidgeting or doodling. I've developed the habit of sitting in the very back, behind these adorable redhead identical twin boys, who are probably not even 2 yet, but they sure give their mama a run for her money. Gosh they're entertaining, and they keep me awake. ;)

But a few weeks ago we sat behind the family of a little 5 year old girl who used to be in my primary class. She was sitting on the ground with her notebook and crayons on the chair in front of her - coloring - but kept looking up and me and giving me shy smiles. Just as the talks were starting she ripped a piece of paper out of her notebook, brought it back to me, walked quickly back to where she was sitting, and hid behind her chair. She would occasionally peek around at me to see what my reaction was.

A few minutes later she was back to coloring in her notebook. When she was done with this new creation, she did the same thing: ripped it out of her notebook, brought it back to me, hurried back to her chair and hid behind it.

This is what she gave me...


Portraits of: ME! She drew me exactly as I was, down to the stripes on my shirt, my earrings, and my braid. When I got home from church I had Kristofor take a picture of me to document how well she had drawn me.

Seriously, one of my favorite sacrament meetings ever.