Saturday, March 27, 2010

a different type of donut post

This is getting hard to think of one specific memory of someone! But here goes for my big sister Rileigh (aka Wiley).

Somewhere in the ballpark of 4 years ago my step-brother Michael got married. The day of the wedding, all the family came up to North Ogden and stopped by my parents house first so we could drive together to the church. I drove with Rileigh, just her and me. I don't know where her hubby Chris was that day... Anyway, on the way to the church where the wedding was we stopped in a different church parking lot and did and few donuts and had a little laugh. Then we went to the wedding. We sat by each other and spent the whole time whispering, "this is so weird!" Sad but true.

After the wedding we went to my parents house for the reception, but before stopping Rileigh drove us to the end of my parents street (which is a dead end) and drove around the round-about really fast a couple times. I kept thinking, 'okay this is probably the last circle' and then she would keep driving! Of course we laughed and eventually pulled out of the round-about and went and parked in my parents driveway. We sat for a while and she told me she wanted to finish her Monster energy drink before we went inside so we took turns drinking it. It tasted like some green apple funkiness.. I wasn't allowed to drink energy drinks and we never had pop at our house, so I took as big of gulps as I could.

Then we went inside for the reception.

The End.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

remember? that one time?

Next up is my little brother Joseph.

One summer when I lived in Canada when we had early church I got into the habit of taking naps in the afternoon outside on the trampoline. This way I could get some sleep AND get a tan at the same time! Genius, I know. Well one Sunday afternoon during my nap, Joe decided he wanted to jump on the tramp. So he came out, with me sleeping/tanning and started jumping! I was so mad! I told him I was there first and to knock it off, I wasn't done with my nap yet! He just said "Tramps are for jumping, not sleeping," and continued to jump. I got up and we started pushing each other or something. Eventually I pushed him off the trampoline mid-jump. I still remember his face - full of fear at the wrath of an angry teenage sister. Or maybe just fear of getting hurt once he landed. Who knows. I know he didn't get hurt from the fall. Maybe he just landed awkwardly? Anyway, I have no idea what happened after that - whether I resumed my nap, or couldn't get back to sleep, or if Joe told on me and I got in trouble. My last memory of that day was little Joe's frightened face.

I still feel guilty about that to this day. It's not like I could blame it on being young like he could when he peed on me (that's a story for another day).

I think the only reason he remembers this incident is because I still bring it up occasionally. "Remember that time I pushed you off the tramp?" I think I am secretly waiting for him to tell me it's okay just one more time. Which he does and we laugh and I still feel guilty.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

up again

WARNING: Since part of the purpose of this blog is to be a type of a journal for me, I’m going to have a few posts coming up that are less blog-y and more journal-y.

I had this idea the other day of posting a memory of each of my siblings. Not a general “we used to always” memory, but a specific memory. I figure when I’m old and wrinkled I’ll have a harder time remembering specific details, so might as well put some down now.

In random order, I’m starting with Ben, my older, coke-and-skittle-loving brother.

Once in ‘the gray house,’ when I was somewhere around 7 or 8, or maybe even 6 (I am really bad at keeping track of my age. I usually judge how old I must have been at a certain time by the house I lived in). ANYWAY. When I was around 7 one night I guess my parents weren’t home because Ben and his friend (don't know who) put “Chumbawumba” in a stereo in the family room upstairs and blared the song “Tubthumping.” It was super loud and they started jumping around. I just sat and watched them. Whenever the song said “I get knocked down” they would fall to the floor or the couch. When the song said “but I get up again” they would hop right back up and keep jumping around. I remember the vivid picture the lyrics ‘pissing the night away’ painted in my head. I thought I loved that song and I thought Ben was so cool, jumping around, music blasting…

I heard that song on the radio the other day and normally would have changed the station but…it caught me. I turned the volume wayyy up and felt silly and sang the lyrics and thought of my big brother, jumping around the house, and how cool I thought he was.

p.s. I still think he is really really cool.

Friday, March 19, 2010

did you know i'm a pisces?

We have a fish tank at my work, it's big and pretty and I can see right into from where I sit at my desk. One time something in the tank overheated and cooked all our fish to death. It was sad. I had secretly named them. Shh. I'm lame like that.

Anyway, we have new fish now, and they are. SO. BORING! Our old ones used to mate and make all sorts of tiny little babies that got eaten within a couple days, and they knew when someone came close by, it was time to eat. They loved people.

Not our new fish. Our new fish are terrified of people. They sense you coming and they hide. It's soooo lame! =(

Anyway, sometimes when clients come in they bring their children, naturally. And lots of times when trying to keep their kids entertained while waiting for their appointment they will take their child(ren) over to the tank and say, "Look! See the fish? What does the fishy say? Huh? Tell Daddy/Mommy what the fishies say."

And I think to myself.....what in the world do you want your kid to tell you?? Can YOU tell me what fish say? Pretty sure fish are not vocal creatures.

What do you think?

Monday, March 15, 2010

she's a maniac, maniac

I have so much to do. Well actually, I really don't have that much to do, it just feels like it. It's sad how so little can overwhelm me.

I didn't used to be so whimpy. I think this is a recent thing. Something in the water here at my parents house, maybe?

In other news, I got a calling in my ward. I'll tell you next time, after I'm sustained. That is, if no one has any objections . . . We'll just have to see.

Friday, March 12, 2010

mmm mmm good

Today I wore Kristofor's deoderant. I'll let you guess why.

It was all gooey and gross, but I gotta tell you...

I smell GOOD today.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's my favorite day of the year. =)

Well, one of them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I could be famous

I was embarrased by own behavior yesterday and thought I would share.

We have a 50 cent pop machine where I work, in which we have a variety of pop to choose from. I usually get a Coke, but occassionaly I'm in the mood for root beer.

Now the thing is, I'm picky about my root beer. I pretty much only like Barq's. Anything else...thumbs waaaaay down. Like Mug or A&W. I really dislike A&W. I don't hate it, know. Yuck.

So a while ago the machine was filled with A&W which I never drank. Okay, I did once and learned my lesson. It was filled with A&W but then we got Barq's. So A&W on bottom, Barq's on top. I knew we were getting close to having only Barq's but wasn't sure...there might still be some A&W in there.

I really wanted root beer yesterday so I thought I would take my chances with the 'root beer' button...As I was waiting for the pop to be dispensed I chanted "Barq's Barq's Barq's!" to myself while crossing my fingers. When the can came out and was silver and glorious and I knew it was Barq's and I pumped my fists into the air and said "YES! Barq's!"

Then I took my can...and opened it... "Ahhh. . . Barq's."

And I realized right then and there that I sounded like a really REALLY dumb commercial. Except I wasn't paid to act like that and hopefully no one saw me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

did I shave my legs for this?

Last Sunday Kristofor and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting. The topic was "My faith in the Atonement guides my life."

Yeah. For real. It wasn't just 'faith,' or just 'the Atonement' or something easier...I was scurred!

I stayed up late the night before getting everything ready. We have church at 9, so I wanted to take care of anything that could be done the night before. First, I tried on 10 different outfits before settling on what to wear (like anyone but me could tell I put effort into my outfit). Then I worked for a bit on my talk. Then I showered and decided how to do my hair. Then I finished my talk at at about....oh, 3 o'clock I crawled into bed. WHEW!

I realized the next morning that in the hustle and bustle of "Saturday is a Special Day" I forgot to shave my legs, but oh well, no one can see your legs when you're giving a talk except the bishop and he shouldn't be looking either!

The talks went well. Kristofor only had about 5 minutes to give his 15 minute talk....(and he stayed up until 5 getting it all ready....I KNOW!!)

But no one fainted or died. And afterwards people only said "I enjoyed your talk" and not "Nice hairy legs, you hippie."

It was sure nice of them.