Thursday, February 19, 2009

3.1 miles

Well, I signed up for a 5k.

Yep. Gonna get all hot and sweaty and have a bunch of pictures taken of me. Kristofor's parents are picture-happy - you should HEAR the stories I've heard about when the grandbabies come!

The reason for the 5k is I lost a bet to my stinky husband. I've been on a betting kick lately (lost all of them . . . remind me never to gamble). Me and Kristofor made a bet - whoever fell asleep first while watching our movie lost. If Kristofor lost I was going to make him buy me a Green Apple Jones soda and watch Memoirs of Geisha with me. Well, I fell asleep =( I've seen that movie, it was a boring plot to begin with! PLUS, Kristofor wouldn't even sit on the couch for the first half of the movie - he was determined to win. The only reason he finally sat down is because he could see I was fading fast. Oh well, he's running the half-marathon, so THERE!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

california dreams

Mmmmmm, yeeeeaaaaah, look at that beach! Look at that sky! Look at that bald head! Look at my dad's squinties - isn't he a stud?

I went to california with my parents when I was a baby - I'm sure I made it lovely for them! I just love this picture.

<3 <3 <3


I don't consider myself a very mushy person, but I had a VERY memorable Valentine's Day. I had to go to class and then work, so I wasn't too hyped for the day. But when I got to work there was a BEAUTIFUL Orchid on my desk with a thoughtful, sweet letter from my husband. He knows I love Orchids (and sometimes kill the ones I buy....) and it made having to work so much less sucky.

Kristofor was gone when I got home. I walked in the door and on the table were 3 roses and a box of chocolates.

*these pictures are obviously not in order and I'm too lazy to change them. Use your imagination!*

SO! THEN! He came home and we hung out and I gave him my little present (with the UGLIEST card I could find - he loved it). We decided to go out to eat at Goodwood, a barbeque place we've never been to but have only heard lovely things about - when we pulled into the parking lot he told me there was one more little present for me. I was so excited I searched the car and found a little box . . . of a little Willow Tree Angel. (I told Kristofor I think he likes those more than I do - I've never bought any myself but he knows I like them and has bought me a few) it's called "Thinking of You" - I love the sea shell.
Goodwood was good - the best part was the staff, they were super fast and VERY helpful. The food - kind of dry and tough, but okay. I like Famous Dave's better.

It was really nice to know that Kristofor made such an effort to make sure things worked out the way he wanted (full of surprises). We're both so busy, it was lovely to take a minute and just be together.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A very unflattering picture of me to show my disappointment in the Steelers winning the SuperBowl.

Not that I care, right?