Sunday, January 24, 2010


is making me sad! I'm seriously wanting to move to Hawaii for a couple months out of the year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back in the olden days:
Kristofor didn't have facial hair. Can you believe it?? He looks so little. Well, I geuss he's only 21 in this picture, and I am almost 21 now,'s almost like we're the same age in a way. Does he look a little embarassed to be with me? My head looks huge...

I'm in a nostalgiac mood tonight.

Is it wrong to miss my old dead fish Oscar when I have a new, fancier replacement 8 feet away from where I sit and type? Plus, it's not like me and Oscar hung out a lot anyway..

Is it wrong to miss my old view of Ben Lomond, when I lived in North Ogden with my parents? You could stand in the street and BEHOLD, there was that mountain with nothing to get in the way of your view. Now I'm on the other side of town and can barely make out the outline... Nevermind that my in-laws live next door to my parents old house so it's not like I never get that same view...but I still miss it.

Is it wrong to miss the days you were in high school, when in real life you hated high school itself? I miss school lunches. I miss how confident I was my senior year, and how much less I cared about what I looked like.

Is it wrong to miss that little baby 21 year old Kristofor, with no facial hair, when I get to see him every day? I miss how much fun we used to have dating. I miss it not mattering what we did, but because we were doing it together it was fun. And, really . . . I miss making out just for the fun of it.

**Madi, please note that this is not meant to be a 'complainer blog' but I needed to post and I'm just in a sappy, missing things mood.**

Thursday, January 21, 2010

STAIND (no, not the band)

Stained glass is so cool. You know what else is cool?

A Jesus with purple feet. I found this on Google and thought it was kind of silly.

All joking aside, though...I really do think Jesus is cool.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I officially want to dye my hair.

I've been blonde my whooooole life. And while my hair is certainly a darker shade of blonde now than it was when I was 4, let's just say I'm a towhead through and through. See? Natural color, right here. I've dyed my hair tons of different colors - but just between you and me, I'm secretly proud that my natural hair color is so blonde. Most blonde's are more of a light brown. Not mine - I'm a true blonde (does that make me sound ditzy? Did I even spell 'ditzy' correctly?)

Anyway. Something happened today that made me determined to dye my hair a darker shade of anything.

In my aerobics class I was jogging alongside a certain lady in my class. We don't know each other, but were in the same group, and happened to be going the same pace - a slow jog.
**Side note: lots of girls in my class are super skinny, and super fit. What's with the need for aerobics, girls? I know, I know, it's good to be healthy. But really, they make me feel like a huge, lumbering buffalo. Side not over**
Whilst we were jogging along, the following conversation ensued.
Lady: "I have a hard time going any faster than a jog because I have anemia and it's hard for me to get energy. I almost had to be hospitalized last semester because of problems I have with it."
Me: "I'm just slow because I'm out of shape."
Lady: "Well, plus, you're albino, right?"

Hold up. What???

What do you say to that? All I could do was slowly shake my head. Like...Not that having alibism would be a bad thing, but isn't it easy to tell if someone has it? PLUS, what does that have to do with running speed? Are albinos naturally slow?

So, I have nothing against people who are albino. But really.

It's time for a dye job.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A while back while I was trying to decide which direction to head with school, I met with a career counsellor up at the college in an attempt to get an outside opinion on what I should do. The white haired guy I met with asked me if I were an animal, what would I be?

My answer?

A seagull.

Yeah. Dumb answer. Seagulls are annoying. They eat garbage. And while I may be annoying, I certainly don't eat garbage!

Anyway. Although talking about our would-be lives (he would be a camel) was fun, albeit slightly awkward, it didn't help me decide on a career. But taking the Myers-Briggs personality test sure did. And you know what else? It made me feel special. Like, hey, yeah, I am that way! And I'm cool for it! Turns out I am a bonafide ISFP.

IFSP's are:
"...peaceful, easygoing people who adopt a "live and let live" approach to life. They enjoy taking things at their own pace and tend to live in the moment. Although quiet, they are pleasant, considerate, and caring, devoted to the people in their lives. Though not inclined to debate or necessarily even air their views, their values are important to them."

Michael Jackson
Steven Spielberg
Ulysses S. Grant
Marie Antionette

Cool, yeah? So! If you haven't taken the Myers-Briggs test....I think you should. I'm trying to convince Kristofor to take it so I can find out what he is!

This is starting to sound like an advertisement, and for that I'm sorry. But really. Do it. It's fun.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

12 of 12 - January

I'm a little late, but such is life. Inspired by a fellow blogger, I'm going to be taking 12 pictures on the 12th of each month. It's just a way for me to document my day, and I so look forward to seeing how the rest of the year will play out. My photography skills aren't the best, but it's a fun way to improve and have a reason for me to use my camera. We'll see if we can get a picture of Kristofor one of these months...he's anti photographs-of-himself.

By the way, there is a really cool template to use for this so the photos are more organized (you can see it on amy m's blog), but I don't have photoshop so I just made it into a strip. I'll have to get something better figured out for next time.


In no particular order:
*my feet in our psychadelic orange carpeted room
*watching Lost
*the mountains in the morning after my class
*bed still unmade from my nap with a still sleeping Tofor
*messy desk at work
*my phone after a 16 minute convo with the man concluding that he needs to quit his dumb job
*Leo, greeting me when I got home from work
*a necklace I made. I've been feeling crafty lately and this is about as technical as it gets for me
*the building where my class is
*frosty car windows in the morning - BUT someone scraped them for me! HOW NICE!
*a nap - what a beautiful thing it is (the nap, not me)

Friday, January 8, 2010

stuff I like

This post is just a bunch of pictures of stuff I like. One day when I'm a trillionaire I will be able to purchase to my hearts content. For now, window shopping on the internet will have to do. =)
These earrings look so classic. Like I could wear them on my date tomorrow, and when I'm 34 dropping kids off at school, and when I'm 72 getting checked into the old folks home.
These shoes from Anthropologie. They're similar to ones I already have, only crazier.

This bedding, also from Anthropologie (I'm not really that obsessed, I just happened to be on their website today. promise.) It would be like jumping into a pool of liquid candy every night.

Patterned tights. Like fishnets, except less hooker-y and more socially acceptable.
Oh, these shoes. I doubt I would ever really wear them, but they look yummy enough to eat. Not that I eat shoes. That would be gross and my GI tract probably would throw a fit. But if I were a shoe eater you can bet these would be at the top of my menu.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

enjoy the ride

My dad sent me an email the other day with a link in it to a song he found. He heard it, thought it was 'unique' (aka weird! ;)) and thought I would like it. So I clicked the link and found this little gem of a song. I've been listening to it ever since and can't get it out of my head! I am actually a fan of Morcheeba already, but had never heard this song. My papa knows me well!

Don't you love when someone hears or sees something, could be anything from decor to clothes, and thinks it looks like something you would like? Makes me feel special!

On another completely nonsensical note, I took my body measurements tonight and . . . I am an hourglass shape! I thought for sure I was a pear but nope. This makes me happy, and now I'm determined that I need one of those stretchy belts to accentuate my little waist! ;) Okay, really, I don't think I'm the cats pajamas, and I'm certainly no Twiggy. But a girl needs a self esteem boost whenever she can get it, right? ;)