Sunday, September 19, 2010

you can paint it any color

Lately I have been:

Doing homework and taking what feels like a boatload of tests.

Picking these (I didn't think they'd keep coming out this late in the year but I picked a handful today, so I can't complain).

Waking up at this time 3 days a week.

And missing these goofy people (aka my parents), who officially moved out of the house yesterday. Even though I saw them today, I miss them already. They're only one hour away which isn't really that far... But when I've been seeing them every day, it's going to be hard.

Monday, September 6, 2010

up date

I just wanted to hop on my little blog and write a quick little update of me and my honey.

Fall semester began 2 weeks ago. Kristofor is going into Health Information Management and I, of course, am doing the Radiology program. He has 12 credit hours and I have 16, so this may get a little tricky for us! I have school one day a week for 4 hours and I go to my clinicals for three 8-hour days a week. The hospital I'm at is about an hours drive away, so that's not really any fun, but I'm just so glad that I got in that so far I can't complain. I really love the hospital I'm at - for one, everything is nice and new (it's been open for less than a year), and I have yet to meet anyone rude. My clinical instructor is about as nice as anyone can get, although he does like to play little pranks on me and the other first year student. We're gullible. But it's fun. All the other techs are really patient and nice, they take the time to answer all my questions and explain things to me. I feel a bit overwhelmed with all there is that I have to learn, even just knowing my way around the hospital, but I'm trying to be patient with myself. Sometimes have to remind myself that I'm not going to remember everything right away.

My parents are for sure moving. Which means a lot of things, but basically we need to find a new place to live sometime at the end of the year. My parents will start training for their new job in just a few weeks. And I'm glad they found something and feel good about it, but I'm really going to miss seeing them every day. =(

Life right now consists of homework and watching movies in our down time. And the occasional trip to Jamba Juice.