Monday, April 26, 2010


Done with Spring semester.

Done with Tax Season.

Don't quite know what to do with myself.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

a ramble and a half

Brein has always been someone for me to look up to. She always made me feel special by doing things like introducing me to Reba, having sleepovers with me after she moved out, letting me pick the music when we were driving in her teal Talon...ahh, those were the days.

I really couldn't pick a totally awesome or powerful memory of Brein. But she's always been my home away from home. When we moved to Canada we would drive back to Utah every summer and I would always stay with Brein. She made everything fun - and now, looking back, I realize how demanding I was on her. I expected her to have fun ideas of something to do each night, and I probably cost her lots of money - she would taking me out for fast food and movies, shopping, etc.

She used to have this electric back massager we liked to call "Mr. Tickles." Before going to bed we would take turns using "Mr. Tickles" (it sounds kinda dirty now...) to give the other a massage. She let me use her expensive shampoo and conditioner, her fancy razors (okay maybe she didn't know that?), her makeup and clothes...I absolutely loved rifling through her drawers when I would come each new summer to see what new items she had.

One time when I was around 6 or 7 I was reading about Mozart (I have no idea why), and I learned that he wrote his first pieces as young as 5 years old. In the book I was reading they had one of his pieces written down, just a little one page thing, I think. Well I knew Brein knew how to play the piano, so I went to her and asked her to play it for me. I was so excited to know what Mozart's little 5 year old head had come up with. Brein tried playing it for me (Bre, was the piano in your room in the gray house? Or is my memory lying to me?), but fumbled through most of it. I was somewhat disappointed that I couldn't get the full effect but I knew she tried for me. I guess I kind of put her on the spot...

Anyway. Brein: I love you. Despite there being 11 years between us we have always been friends.


When we were little Madi and I would fight like no other. Dad would tell us to be nice to each other because when we grew up we would be best friends - I couldn't believe him. That was before I realized that siblings could be your friends. Now that I'm old (soooo old), my siblings really are my best friends. Even if we don't keep up with each other 100% of the time, that doesn't matter. I know that if I needed to I could go to any one of my siblings and pour my shabby little heart out.

Thank you, siblings, for being so awesome. And Mom and Dad - you really outdid yourselves with us, didn't you? ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

it's a deal

Kristofor doesn't know I'm posting this picture of him...mwahaha.

TO: Brein, my dearest, olderest, loverliest sister...I promise to post my memory of you tomorrow night.

XOXO: Aari

Friday, April 16, 2010

ygoloidar...yes it took me forever to spell that

We love each other....although she won't admit on formspring that I'm her favorite sibling, no matter how hard I try to get her to say it.

RaDiOlGy...that's the word on my brain lately.

This whole application process has been an adventure. After job shadowing, filling out forms, getting 3 referrals, sending my (hard earned) application money, almost not making the deadline, interviewing, and getting few letters here and there...I got the deciding letter last week giving me the news of whether I got into the program or not.

The day it happened I actually called Kristofor while I was at work to see if the mail had come yet. It had. I was so impatient I told him to open it and read it and not say anything. So he did. And then I asked him to tell me. And he did. I figure if it's my honey giving me bad news then it's easier to take, and if he gives me good news, it's even sweeter.

Well, I almost got in. I'm an alternate. Which means if someone decides to not go ahead with with the program, I may be selected to take their place. I will know by July 31st if I'm in or not. So I thought I would be done with the waiting game, but I'm not. (But really, isn't life a sort of waiting game?)

BUT! I got a call yesterday. From the school. I was informed that there was a clinic that was taking an additional radiology student. They wanted to personally interview 3-4 alternates...I was told I was one of the highest scoring applicants, so I needed to call the clinic for an interview....!!! I am interviewing next week, so please cross your fingers that all goes well for me!

I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but really, I think this clinic could be so good for me - it's conveniently close, it's a clinic so a little less stress than a hospital, and a smaller scale than a hospital so easier to get to know my way around (It's stupid, but I have this fear of getting lost...lame!), and most importantly, I WOULD BE IN THE PROGRAM! Oh heavens, please let me get in!

I will be glad when this emotional rollar coaster of an application process is over...I just hope I don't have to wait a whole more year to actually start the program, which is what will happen if I don't get in.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alright, ladies. I have put off posting again because...Well as most of my loyal readers know, my Grandma Davis passed away. I love my Grandma and am so grateful I was able to be with her shortly before she passed away. I'm happy that she's been reunited with her loved ones who have gone before her. I wrote about it in my journal (surprisingly, I do use it once in a while!), but I feel like I have to post about it, and really I don't feel like it. So, now - back to regular blogging.

Hopefully. =)

12 of 12 - avril

Here is my 12 of 12 for April! I've done it for February and March, just didn't post them...ah well.

1. Loot from my shopping trip to Maceys in the pouring rain and no jacket.
2. Ben Lomond around noon...snowy and hazy. Niiiice.
3. Where I work, as seen through a rain-covered windshield.
4. Sweaty clothes on the ground from after my intense workout - running steps at the stadium up at the was actually kinda fun?
5. Flowers from my Grandma's funeral.
6. Kristofor being silly with the Pringles.
7. Feathers!! Need I say more?
8. Playing Guitar Hero. Singing was officially my favorite of the night. Yeah White Stripes!
9. Looking out my window just before heading to work.
10. Watch out people, there is road work ahead!! This is that suprising?
11. My outfit...well, part of it.
12. Choosing whiiiiiich necklace to wear....pretty sure I put one on, took it off and that was that.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Random thoughts today....

-I really hate writing the number 5. Mine always looks like an 'S' unless I do what they taught in elementary and draw the line on the top last, which I think is lame! 5 is such a high maintenance number...I mean where does it get off being so hard to write? All the other numbers are fine! (Except 8's when I'm in a hurry...but I don't hate 8 - see below)

-Favorite joke from Grade 9: "An 8 is just a O wearing a belt." Har Har Har.

-After I learned about the Water Cycle when I was young I wouldn't comletely drain the water out of the tub after taking a bath. I would leave a good solid inch or two because I wanted to see if it would evaporate. I got frustrated too many times when people would drain it (unaware of my brilliant experiment) and eventually gave up.

-I give Feathers this food that has "natural color enhancers." Well lately he has been getting darker and darker and it was making me mad - I don't want him to look like all the other Beta's, his color is why I chose him! Well I cleaned his bowl out tonight and with him in the nice, clean water I realize....he wasn't really getting darker. His water was just nasty!

-I've watched America's Next Top Model for years now. I usually don't agree with who they choose as the winner, and sometimes I get a little frustred at elimination, but usually I don't care that much...Until this Cycle (Do they really have to call it a Cycle? Sounds a little too close to 'period' to me). Anyway, this season they elimated my VERY favorite girl in the FIRST photo shoot! I have never picked a favorite so early on...and now she's gone. *cry*

-This post is sounding very whiny. I'm sorry! I don't feel whiny. Just...thinky??


MADI...try not to be disappointed that I don't have one big cool memory of you. That's why this has taken me so long to post, because I kept coming up with memories and I'd say "no, that ones not great enough," or "that one's too short." I give up!! So instead, I'm posting a couple small ones.

*When I was little I remember sleeping in what is now Lola's room. You woke me up all excited and said, "Aariel, guess what's different about me today." I remember being slightly confused and I couldn't guess what it was. It ended up being that you were wearing my new watch!! And for some reason I remember the light coming into this room looked so good in the that still true?

*We shared a room off and on for most of our lives. I remember sometimes before we went to bed (in the gray house) we would "make" each others side of the bed up. One of us would close our eyes while the other one went to work: we would sometimes fluff the pillows up, and we'd make the blankets look like at a hotel, turned down on the corner, just ready to hop in. It made going to bed fun.

*One time when we lived in Nanaimo and were attendingDover Bay we decided to skip the last class of the day. I can't remember if we walked or took the van? I can't imagine walking all the way home just to skip class, it was a 45 minutes walk. ANYWAY, we thought we were pretty cool until we realized....Lynette was home! Crap! I can't remember if she had been home the whole time or got home shortly after we did, but we hid in our room for a good hour or so. We had to stay silent and keep the light off the whole time. Then, around the time we should have been getting home from school we snuck outside, around the house, and in the front door, like we'd just arrived home! How cool were we? Sooo not worth it!

Tee hee.

I love you Mad Martigan!