Saturday, April 25, 2009

kinda preachy.

Kristofor and I went to SLC today. I had to go see an art exibition for a class, and we wanted to see the "Under the Sea" 3-D movie at the IMAX. It was WAYYY cool, but kinda preachy.

We took the frontrunner, armed with enough candy to keep us entertained.

And rode the Trax around Downtown Salt Lake. Boy, they are ANAL about people keeping their feet of the chairs. But it didn't stop us....

We saw the coolest trees...I want to know what kind they are, because they have really cool dangley balls on them (ummm....nut trees?) PLUS, their bark is yellow, green, AND BROWN!! All at once! I wonder if they're shedding..?! Okay probably not, but it was still cool.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

free at last!

I survived! I now officially have 2 tax seasons under my bulging belt, and it feels good to be done!

So Spring is here and I wish it would stay forever. Sometimes it feels like winter goes straight to summer, -NOT fair!! It makes me sad because I am in love with everything spring - the wind, the sun, the blossoms, fresh smells, birds, baby animals, breaking out clothes that I've forgotten - flip flops, capris, sunglasses - and putting away clothes I want no part of for the next 8 months - jackets, coats, boots (altough mine were lovely), scarves, gloves - everything bulky and annoying.

I love Spring because it makes me feel free. I can walk around barefoot, without a jacket, sunglasses on if the desire strikes . . .

I know I should be grateful for all I have - and let's face it, I've been INCREDIBLY blessed - but . . . I wish I had a yard to play in.

I hate hate hate having a yard around me and not feeling like I can even walk on it. So right now I'll have to settle for taking pictures in the cemetery across the street.
Please, I'm really not a creep!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

roobin sanwitches

Okay, so.
My parents always make Reuben sandwiches on St. Patricks day. I don't know why (I'm perty sure I'm not even 1% Irish) but I love it because it's one of the few traditions we have. And I want to keep it forever.
Because we always need excuses to hang out. Right?
Oh, how I wish my window wasn't covered in snow when I took this.

Caught ya!

The num-nums.

Okay, and I caught Jameson in the kitchen trying to put a puzzle together.

Roman sittin' in the snow. If you don't know him, this picture will give you an idea of how funny he is.

AND! I went to get a picture of my dad giving Evan a shoulder ride and Evan ducked to the side so he wouldn't get in the picture! I guess he thought I only wanted a picture of Grandpa. So funny.

Funny faces.

Annnnd, my wreath! I thought it would be cheaper and cooler and more fun to buy my own materials and make one rather than buy one . . . It really wasn't much cheaper, but I like it! I can't decide if it's for Easter only, or if I can stretch that timeframe out and make it a 'spring' wreath.