Monday, March 31, 2008

mystery shoppers

Last Saturday I babysat Jameson. That morning he was so excited for the sleepover, he woke up and packed his backpack and lunchbox with his toys and put on his hat and was ready to come over! It made me feel like a cool aunt! We played with trains and my hermit crabs and ate strawberries and watched Ninja Turtles and went to Tofor's parents house and played foosball and checkers. It was fun.

Today at work I saw a man dumpster diving. I like to think he was one of those people who dumpster dive not because they are poor or homeless but because they think that we, as a society, waste WAY too much and dumpster diving cuts down on waste. But my work is by a homeless shelter and maybe he was dumpster diving because he's hungry and poor and homeless. And here I am stuffing my face with Jolly Ranchers and sitting on my bum getting paid to do work anybody could do.

My brother and sister in law are pregnant - this is their third, I'm way excited! They've got two already; they're full of personality. Kimberly is 4 and a little drama queen/princess. Her grandpa took her to the store to get a kite to go kite flying - but she saw a princess dress instead and that was all she wanted; to heck with kites! Franklin is only 2 and loves monsters and scary things. Sometimes his parents get him to go to bed by telling him to be quiet so he can hear the monster in his closet!

I hope my kids will be fun like that.

I want to get a Beta fish because I was walking in WalMart one day and saw them sitting in their 1/2 inch of water. I can't imagine sitting, doing nothing for hours upon hours upon hours, with the occassional feeding and occassional person shaking your tiny plastic container home. What a waste of life! The only thing is, I'm scared to ask my landlords if a fish is okay to have - they're anti-pets, even though they have a dog.

We did Sharing Time yesterday - scary! There were maybe 3 kids listening, and then the TV wouldn't turn on, there was no remote so we had to skip through a the scenes to find the one we were looking for! I didn't think it would be that nerve-racking.

Today my dad and Lynette and I were checking out at the grocery store. Dad: "We're Macey's Mystery Shoppers!" Checker: "Did I do okay??" Dad: "Oh yes, everything was fantastic!" Checker: "Oh, good!" Lynette: "See why I can't take him shopping? We're not Mystery Shoppers."

I love my dad.

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Madi said...

hee hee I love our daddy too, he's so funny and silly and embarassing :D