Monday, June 22, 2009

Every bite is pure joy.

Last night, at 12:15, Kristofor saw a picture of someone (...himself) eating a hamburger, and decided he wanted McDonalds. The one nearby was closed . . . so he asked me if I wanted to go with him to the one that's about 6 miles away, and we'd better hurry if I did in case it closed soon.

So we went on an adventure. To McDonalds. At 12:15. This can't be good for for waisteline.

But it was delicious.

Like . . . I never want to eat McDonald's at any other time of day, or from any other location again. I never knew such a masterful meal could come from Mickee Dee's.

The fries were fresh and warm, crispy on the outside, just the right amount of squishiness on the inside. And you know how you usually get a few "retarded" fries - brown, or burnt, or in any other way deformed? And how sometimes you get the ones in the bottom that can hardly be called fries, they are so thin and hard . . . YEAH. THERE WERE NO SUCH FRIES IN THIS BATCH OF MINE. I mean none! Not a one! I ate each one with relish, they were such a treat to behold. I only let Kristofor eat one . . . and that was one he stole. The rest were all mine.

Then we have the McDouble (yes, we are value menu eaters). The McDouble is a treat because it had two patties, PICKLES (the best part) and "cheese" (I use quotation marks because it is really not cheese, it's more like cheddar flavored goop). Mine last night was particularly fresh and surprisingly grease-free. Sometimes you get those hamburgers that are so greasy, the oil has dripped all over the wrapper. Such was not the case last night. The buns were springy. Cheese goopy. Pickles crunchy. In short, it was perfect.

On the drive home from our excursion Kristofor asked me how the food was. I told him it was so good, I was going to blog about it.

And blog I did.

P.S. In primary I told the children in my class that if you live in the Celestial Kingdom, you will have "a fullness of joy." Then the bag in which our McDonalds food came said on the side "Every bite is pure joy." So I asked Kristofor - does that mean they will have McDonald's in heaven?

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Brein said...

You made me hungry! Welcome to slim6 baby! lol!