Sunday, November 15, 2009

hours of fun


I'm listening to the Duke Spirit in my new room - currently dubbed 'the Brown Lounge.' Kristofor and I made the move yesterday. In the blizzard. He got in a car wreck.

But he's okay and that's all that matters... Right? ;)

Things are actually really okay. We still have to move a few things from our apartment to our storage unit and clean our old apartment, and we'll finish that up this week. I like being here. There are people to talk to and lots of yummy food.

But it makes me miss my baby brother Joseph even more - I think it would be fun to have him here. He left for basic training last week and it's weird to not be able to text him - and get random texts from him at 2:30 in the morning asking if he can come use our computer. He is a really cool kid. In fact, I used to hate my cheeks - they are pretty huge. But he would pinch them and say they were fun - hours of fun. And so now I don't mind my cheeks anymore. Because he liked them first.

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Brein said...

:) Too cute! I'm glad Tophor is okay!