Sunday, December 27, 2009

crazy <3

I so want to see this movie. Maybe it's the song they play in the trailer but it looks so melancholy and pretty.

Now, watch I'm gonna hate it!

I rented the movie Public Enemies last night, thinking I would really like it, and I hated it! It was boring! Johnny Depp's character was totally rude to his girlfriend (played by Marion Cottilard, who I love) and she still liked him? The supposed fued between Johnny Depp and Christian Bale's character was especially lame. 20 minutes into the movie I said to Kristofor, "This better get better or I'll be pissed." And it didn't get better.

So let's hope Crazy Heart doesn't dissapoint!

Any movies out there you're particularly excited to see?

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Brein said...

I wanted to see Precious soooo bad but never did. :( I enjoyed The Blind Side but not as much as Duke who saw it twice. Now that I've seen that nifty trailer you posted I want to see that. But I am so disappointed in most movies these days. I think thats why after many years of disappointment I have boycotted ALL romantic comedies. Same ole same ole...