Tuesday, July 13, 2010

slee po ver

On Friday me and my sister
Brein decided to have a sleep over. I was so excited I kept telling everyone at work. "I'm having a sleep over with my sister in Brigham today." I felt like a little girl asking her parents if she can sleep over at her cousin's house.

So I left my man at home, and drove to Brein's. Her husband and son went camping, so Brein decided to stay home with little London - and me.

Friday night all we did was TALK. We were going to watch TV or something . . . but got to talking, turned the TV off, and didn't shut up until we fell asleep! I don't even want to know how late we stayed up. The next day when Brein's husband Doug called to see how things were going he asked what we did last night:
"We just talked." It was grand. I love talking with my sisters. We can talk about anything under the moon.

The next morning I woke up to London, who didn't know I would even be there, running around. I probably creeped her out, sleeping where her dad usually sleeps. She warmed up to me pretty quickly though, so we got ready and went to go eat some waffles!

Can you say CHEESE?!
(waiting for our food!)

After we got sick from eating too-crispy-but-delicious waffles, we grabbed some Pepsi and hit the road. Our destination - IKEA! I've been wanting to go there for forever. I've been twice and that's just not enough. I have their catalog and am always looking through that and their website (which you pretty much can't buy anything through) and there was a certain something I was looking for...

A daughter! Just kidding, lame joke, London just loved running around all the little kid beds and trying to climb into each one. Every time she would see one, say "bigger bed" and hop on in! Well, she was really saying "big girl bed" but the way she said it I kept thinking she was saying something else.
This is the present London picked out for herself. Yes. It's a pillow. She loved that thing. Did she want a stuffed animal? No. A toy? No. She wanted a pillow. And she played with it the whole way home. She would sit it on her lap and put her toys on it.

I was kind of jealous.

But I got something else for myself...

This. It's 2 pillow cases and a quilt cover. Or something like that. All I know is I want to pair it with funky colored sheets and colorful pillows. I like it much better up close, and in person.

I just love that place. It's so much fun looking through all the cool things there. A lot of it's stuff that I have no use for while living with my parents, so the bedroom stuff was my favorite part of the store (if you can call it a store).

We loaded up our treasures and headed home. Brein got some curtains to use for closet doors at home, and she even let me boss her into having us put them up while I was still there. And it's a good thing, too - she doesn't have arm muscles like I do. ;)

All in all, I think the world could use more sleep overs. And more sisters. And more IKEAs.


Emily Harkness said...

Going to IKEA is on my list of things to do this summer. I have never been! I think I really need to go!

Aariel said...

Emily, the only bad thing about IKEA is that once you go you're going to want to keep going back! It's so fun. You need to go!