Sunday, September 19, 2010

you can paint it any color

Lately I have been:

Doing homework and taking what feels like a boatload of tests.

Picking these (I didn't think they'd keep coming out this late in the year but I picked a handful today, so I can't complain).

Waking up at this time 3 days a week.

And missing these goofy people (aka my parents), who officially moved out of the house yesterday. Even though I saw them today, I miss them already. They're only one hour away which isn't really that far... But when I've been seeing them every day, it's going to be hard.


Brein said...

I love your strawberry picture, it's so beautiful! I didn't know they had officially left. :( Thats really sad! Xoxo Bear, thanks for the update! I feel like we don't see each other enough!

Madi said...

Aw I love seeing pics of what you have been up to - it's a fun idea. Dad looks so silly I love it!

Aariel said...

Bre - Thanks, the strawberries were looking extra cute that day. ;) When's our next girls night (Sans SJH?)

Madi - remember when we went shopping and I was taking pictures in the store? That was the same day I took these pictures. It's like a photo journal, I pick one day out of the month and document it. When the year's over, I'm going to have 12 pics from each month of what I did that year. =) (p.s. it totally wasn't my idea)

Emily Harkness said...

Cute post. LOVE the strawberry picture. (you should frame it!) Makes me want some.