Sunday, March 20, 2011

twinny too

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so Kristofor and I decided to celebrate early. On Monday (our day off), we went out to eat at my restaurant of choice: Bangkok Gardens. Their yellow chicken curry is divine. After that we went to Farr's Fresh, one of my favorite places - it makes me feel like a little kid because I get all excited at all the flavors and topping choices. Then we went shopping for hours.. it was lovely. We went to the mall and Target (so exotic ;)) and I gotta say, Kristofor had more luck than I did. I found some awesome pants though - I thought they were going to be $20 but when we checked out, the price came up as $5 - !!! I love when stuff like that happens.

That was the jist of all my planned birthday celebrations - just a day hanging out with the Mister. But he had a few plans up his sleeve....

The morning of my actual birthday, I woke up at 5:30 to go do my clinical hours. When I opened the bedroom door to leave, I found this:


Kristofor spent a chunk of his late night (he got home past 11:30) decorating the hallway outside our room. There were streamers hanging from the ceiling, balloons and confetti on the ground, and happy birthday signs all over. It made me so happy. I kept thinking about it all day at the hospital.. ^_^

He also made me this awesome cake - it's Funfetti (my fave), decorated with cowboy and Indian figurines, and horses. He put exactly 22 candles on the cake, with one Indian dancing inside all of them. According to Kristofor, the cowboys and Indians were "fighting over the cake." It was serious business - one of the cowboys was pointing his gun at the Indian chiefs head, and another Indian had his gun pointed at that cowboys back. It's a good thing we lit the candles and ate the cake before any real violence could begin..

It was such a lovely birthday. My husband knows exactly how to make me feel loved. On a sad note, he's grown out the mustache. Apparently it's too much work to shave a chin??

p.s. Am I the only one who's having issues with font sizes on Blogger? I select different sizes when I'm writing, but when I post, it all goes back to normal size. Any ideas of what's going on?


Brein said...

What a sweet heart! All that stuff he did was so thoughtful! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!! You deserve it! Xoxoxox, as far as font... yea mine suck too and I don't know hot to fix them. :(

Heather said...

I have the best brothers!!