Monday, April 11, 2011


When Kristofor and I got married, my grandma and grandpa Jensen gave us a little brown side table. I wasn't crazy about the faux-wood finish, and I've recently been inspired by before and after pictures of old looking furniture that's been re-painted in fun, cheerful colors. And considering we'll be living in some boring beige apartment soon, I figured I could get in on the painting-furniture fun and add some color to a piece I know I'll use.

Please excuse the poor quality pics, they're from my phone.

I had such a hard time picking a paint color. I wanted either a taxi-cab yellow, a bright blue, or a chartreuse-y green. Halfway through the painting process I was really regretting my choice of blue, but now that it's done I'm pretty happy with it. And if, after a while, I get tired of it, I can just sand, prime, and paint it again. Right?


Madi said...

love it! the owls are cute on it too :) looks so springy :)

Aariel said...

Thanks! Those little owls are actually salt and pepper shakers - they were a birthday present from Emily. Cute, huh!

Brein said...

Pretty cool berry button! Love your post-it's too! ;) I love the color you chose. :)