Monday, May 16, 2011

Part One

Man oh man. So I guess my computer and Photobucket don't get along too well? Oh well, let's get started!

To start off - before viewing these pictures, please keep in mind that:
1) looking my prettiest wasn't a priority, and there are some unflattering pictures that I'm just going to put up anyway, and
2) many of the pictures of me and Kristofor were taken by one of us, so they're the really cool "here's my face 12 inches from the camera" type shots.

Our cruise left from Long Beach, CA and stopped at Catalina Island, then Ensenada, Mexico, then we spent a day at sea and came back to Long Beach.

I've only flown once before in my life, so I was pretty excited to get on the airplane, get my window seat and order my drink! Actually, Kristofor and I spent almost the whole flight watching Spongebob.. which I quite like.. anyway, moving on!

The weather was gorgeous, by the way. In case you couldn't tell from the pictures.
Pictures of us with the palm trees! They actually got me wondering.. what grows on palm trees? Anything?

We took a shuttle bus from LB airport to the cruise terminal (the driver drove like a crazy man and when we arrived he ordered me "get out," but at least we got there safe, right?). We got our bags taken to be loaded on the ship and waited in line for forever. But I was so excited/nervous that it passed by pretty fast.

Actually we waited in one line, then another and then another before we finally got to head toward the ship- so exciting! Once there we went straight to our room:

Our room had two porthole windows - and they totally made the room. It was so nice to sit by them and watch as the ship moved, and when we ported (made port? I don't know ship-y terms) we could see the island/port/land/people/sights right from our room. We loved it.

We had people come clean our room multiple times a day. They even put my toothbrush in it's container, wrapped my cord around my straightener, and organized our flip flops. Seriously. And left an itinerary, towel animals, and chocolates on our bed.

It was awesome.

The ship was so fun to explore - and there were so many areas we didn't even get to see!
They often had the fancy white piano being played by "Thom York Jr.," as Kristofor called him -the music filled the atrium and was so pretty. There were so many places to just stop and sit and watch the water and talk..

Ok, I know this is an abrupt end, but this has taken way longer than anticipated. I'll post way more tomorrow - ni-night!

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Brein said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited you posted! It's super interesting so far! I can't wait to hear more. I wish I had someone come clean my room multiple times a day. :) That would be so awesome!