Friday, July 15, 2011

boring, really

Am I the only one who sometimes has a hard time enjoying vacations because you're constantly counting down the time you have left until you leave? I hate that I do it. Summer vacation is no exception. It's been so lovely, but that clock is always ticking in the back of my mind.  

 Pretty much all I do all day is play with the boy and eat lots of popsicles. I've been obsessed with the good old fashioned twin pops: cherry, banana and root beer flavored, of course. I buy them as often as I buy bread and milk.. it's pretty sad.

Someone wasn't in the mood for posing nicely - he obviously doesn't understand the importance of a mother and son portrait. 

Right now Kristofor and my brother Michael are downstairs "jamming out" - playing the drums and guitar together.. cute. And I'm sitting in my bedroom eating a root beer popsicle, looking at cute nursery's on ohdeedoh

I love lazy summers.


Brein said...

I've been loving the twins too! Especially cherry & banana. Love that nursery... except the couch. It's adorable and then the couch smacks you in the face like *POW* :P I've decided in Irelee's nursery I'm going to hang that garland you made over her crib! Wouldn't that be cute?! LOVE it! You didn't want it back did you!? :-0 I love that pic of you and your son. I also took a cute one of you guys on the 4th I'll send ya. Xoxo!

Aariel said...

Yeah, seriously, what's up with that couch?? And yes, you can use that garland, I thought you would have thrown it away by now! ;)

richfam said...

Is there a reason you are looking at nurseries? :)

Aariel said...

No no no! Haha, I just think they're fun to look at! Kelso will be an only child for quite a while. ;)