Saturday, November 3, 2012

this is hallowe'en

For the first time since we've been together, Kristofor and I carved pumpkins for Halloween. I never knew how much easier those pumpkin carving kits make things!
Can you guess who did which one? Haha.

 I'm trying to copy the face he always makes in his pictures.. looking away with a blank expression.

On Halloween night we went to my in-laws. Every year Kristofor's dad makes really yummy chili and the grand-kids come show their costumes off and trick or treat around the neighborhood. 
This is as close to a costume as we get with Kelso.

 I wore my candy corn colored clothes..
 And Kristofor wore his "nerd" clothes. This is the outfit he wore when he made a movie with his brothers..
Notice his Goosebumps hat - he used to be a member of the Goosebump's #1 fan club, and they mailed this to him in a coffin shaped box.. He's pretty proud of it, really. 
 Here they are all together - the three nerds. 

All together, it was a great Halloween - I ate all the candy I could and vowed the next day to start eating healthier.. But I have some Oh Henry's that are calling my name. 


Brein said...

That looks really fun bear! Love your candy corn ensamble! :)

Madi said...

Dude, all of my Oh Henry's are already gone!! I MUST get some more!! mmm :) Love your outfit - so cute! Oh, and I'm a little scared of his brother on the right's shorts! ;)lol fun costumes!

Emily Harkness said...

Here I am--supposed to be working on pictures and I am laughing at your blog...So the boys are funny, but I've seen all that before. My absolute favorite picture is your impression of Kristofor. I'm still laughing because you have got him pegged! Also, I'm glad you found a great use for the orange shirt! So festive!

Heather said...

Great, someone has already noticed how dorky Taylor looks...portraying him like this will never win him a wife! My brothers are awesome!! Love how much they can make me laugh:)