Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kristofor's Birthday

So Kristofor turned 23 last week! We had a BBQ with a few people at Kristofor's parents house (so we could use to grill!) and then came to our house. We played games and watched a movie and ate some more. It was a good day!

Chow, the smart(alec) one. He was our chef for the night. He made bruschetta, salmon and ham fried rice. It was soooo yummy. He also tried to make brownies, but forgot to pu tthe egg in so they were comepletely gross. Me, putting the candles in the cake.

Waiting for me to light the cake.
Still waiting.
Yay! It took forever to light the candles, I think it was my first time being in charge of things, which was weird! Sorry for the blur.
Dave & Jesse. Blurry again.
Kristofor that morning, opening presents.
Showing his true dorky self


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