Sunday, July 20, 2008

the PO-lice

Yesterday Kristofor and I went to see The Police in concert. Kristofor's a big fan, plus, according to him, "you just don't pass up The Police." So we made it a date and started by going to eat at the Olive Garden in Layton. Then we went to Layton Hills mall, which was pretty cool because they have a Dairy Queen! I LOVE DQ Blizzards - they're doing one right now made out of Thin Mint girls scout cookies - so yummy! Anyway, we got lost along the way...

Which turned out to be because they renumbered the exits! We got to USANA about an hour before they opened the gates.
This is us, trying to be happy in the intense heat! waiting...
still waiting! When they let us in, we ran to the lawn to try to get a good spot - a mean guy kicked us out of our original spot, but we got one right next to it, and we were able to see the stage pretty perfectly.

Setting up

This is all the people - I think Sting said their were 15,000 people there.
waiting for the concert to begin.
Elvis Costello played for over an hour - Sting came out on stage and jammed with him! Everyone cheered like crazy!
Rocking out
Now we're waiting for what we all came here for - the Police.
Here's Sting! Look at that pretty face ;)
This is the light show they played during Roxanne.

It was a fun concert! They played for about 2 hours, and it was very well done. It was probably the mildest concert crowd I've ever been around, but there was more drinking than I've ever noticed at a concert before. During one of the last songs I felt something spraying up onto the backs of my calves, turned around and some drunk guy was spilling his beer all over our blanket! AND he didn't even notice he was doing it - his girlfriend had to tell him! I guess it's bound to happen (the beer cups don't have lids and they fill it right up to the brim) but still, I was peeved - it's the first time we've used that blanket. It smelled sooo nasty. =( It took us forever to get out of the parking lot and we were glad to get home, but ll in all - I'm glad we went. =)

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