Saturday, July 26, 2008

little london!

Today Brein called me and asked me to babysit for her so she, Doug, and Jameson could have a date at Lagoon. It worked out perfectly for me because I was going to be home alone anyway!She woke up for a little while to eat and get a diaper change, but other than that all she's done is sleep - which is nice! She hasn't even cried so far, only been a little fussy. Even though she's only been here for maybe 4 hours, it kinda makes me realize how serious - and hard - having a baby is!
Yes, I took a lot of pictures to try to get some good ones - and I couldn't pick which ones I liked the best! They're all kind of the same, but oh well, she's just too darling.

1 comment:

Brein said...

Aww! Those pics are adorable! I love them!!! I'm gonna have to steal one to get it printed for her book! Love you Air Bear, thanks for babysitting... your the BEST!!!