Saturday, December 6, 2008

I was tagged and other news

First the news. My crabs are dying and dead. The other day I looked in the cage and Waldo was upside down and my first thought was: "DEAD!"

I was right. Kristofor checked - Waldo started to fall of out his shell and stank - yuck! So I buried him in a box in a garbage can and wrote: "RIP Waldo. Here lies Waldo, a shy and crippled crab."

Then this morning Kristofor looked in the cage ParkNamJoo had her legs out of her shell. He touched her and she didn't move (very unusual). Same thing - dead. She wasn't tight in her shell and she stank. We put her in another box but I haven't "buried" her yet (aka put her in the garbage).

This is the first time that I have had a pet die (Ok, Babe the guinea pig did not count because she disappeared!). It's weird! I feel like a bad mom. :( But I think they were just too cold - our kitchen is freezing at night.

Kenshin is still alive but weak. He moves so slow and is kind of shaky. =( I want him to live! Maybe they have a crab disease, or else why would that all be dying at the exact same time?

Kenshin *might* be going to rehab at Brein's house, and hopefully make a full recovery. We'll see.

I got tagged by Madison, so here goes.

The Rules:
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Showering. I get grossed out by the shower when I'm showering. I can't let my towel touch the walls, I don't like my body to touch the walls, I rinse more than I need to, and if I take any steps after I turn the water off I feel like my feet are getting dirty. Sometimes I'll turn the water off with my right hand, then use my left hand to squeeze extra water out of my hair onto my right hand to rinse it off.

You know how people "beat-box" or whatever it's called? I do something like that except inside my mouth. Like if I have a song in my head I'll make a beat to it by sliding my teeth against each other and swishing my spit around (it sounds gross, I know. But it's not like I have a lot of spit in there). I have done this as long as I can remember.

I love surprises. It doesn't even matter what it is. Kristofor is so good at getting me excited for things, and so secretive, I can get really pumped up for something even if it turns out to be jsut a treat or something. Like last Christmas was one of the most exciting Christmases just because I had NO idea what my presents were going to be and Tofor would tease me by telling me just a little bit about what he had got for me but now enough for me to know. You know?

I like to think that taking vitamin and mineral supplements isn't good for you because you should get all that stuff from eating good, natural foods. But the thing is, I don't eat good food and I don't get the nutrients I need. For a long time I wouldn't buy supplements because I'd rather get them through my food -well, I finally broke down and bought some. And I love taking them!

I love doodling. I love drawing pictures during work, class or church. If I see something that can be colored, I color it. If there is a coloring book out at my in-laws house that's been left out, I'll color in it. I love playing with chalk. BUT, whenever I sit down to do an art project, my mind likes to go blank and I don't get any ideas.

I get bummed out about games. Like board games. I should be banned from Settlers of Zarahemla because I ALWAYS lose and get pissed off at everyone. I take things personally and sulk the whole time! This is the only game I get like that in! But if I'm playing a game with someone and they get tired of playing before I do, it makes me sad.

I'm gonna tag:
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I'm just heartbroken about your crabs. I don't think it's the cold, do you? They live in the ocean which is very cold, . . .

"Waldo, a shy and crippled crab."
You're funny.