Tuesday, February 17, 2009

california dreams

Mmmmmm, yeeeeaaaaah, look at that beach! Look at that sky! Look at that bald head! Look at my dad's squinties - isn't he a stud?

I went to california with my parents when I was a baby - I'm sure I made it lovely for them! I just love this picture.


Brein said...

I finally figured out why they took you! I can't bear to be away from my baby for too long. Jamezie does just fine without me, but I feel like if I'm not there with her, maybe she'll get sad or scared or something. From my very fuzzy memories I thought the reason they took u is cause you were still nursing...... haha! You look a bit old for that so who knows! Anywho, lucky duck vacationing in Cali at the tender age of 0!

Madi said...

I LOVE the look on dads face in this pic. Your not too bad lookin either ;)