Friday, March 13, 2009

ninteen, twenty, sixty . . .

So, Birthday. I am now 20, much to my un-amusement. Actually, I love birthdays - okay, just my own!! Mwahaha. SO, Kristofor gave me my present a little early, because I begged him to. And it worked out perfectly!

Hmm, what is it?
YAYAYAYAYA! Have been wanting a new camera for a loooooooong time! Below is my first picture I took with my new camera - of my old camera, never to be used again!

So, we went to Logan and stayed at the Crystal Inn with kristofor's sister, brother-in-law, and 2 of their friends. We went to eat at Hamilton's, went and saw Slumdog Millionaire, and played cards and ate junk!

See?! I really DO have brown in my eye.

Our KING-sized bed. I kept getting lost on the humongous mattress and had to find kristofor again to snuggle up against.

And no, I did not salute Ted's. I was too busy trying to get a picture of it!


Brein said...

How could you... Not salute Ted's?? Lol! Well I went to Logan today and forgot to salute. :( Dang it! Ahh well. I love the new camera and I NEVER would have guessed you had brown in your eye. It's a good thing Kristofor hasn't sold you to the circus. Freak.

Madi said...

I LOVED Slumdog Millionaires ;) It was so sad I kept tearing up like a lame pregnant woman. From the very start I just cried.
I made a joke the other day that Nick didn't get and I said "Aariel would have got that" made me miss you.

Luckedout said...

thanks for stopping by.... :-( No one likes to come visit. I even give free adjustments out.... *sigh* oh well.