Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the cake and the photo

For Kristofor's Birthday I made him the best cake ever . . . if I do say so myself. I made everything from scratch and it actually all worked out - I'm so glad! I've never made a 2-layer cake before, and never iced anything but sugar cookies. So here it is.

Yep! That's Kristofor in the middle holding hands with Spongebob and a Ninja Turtle. And a big fat rainbow. I thought it was pretty funny. Especially considering Kristofor LOVES making jokes.
Yep, that's him. My sweet, funny, wacko husband. This is what he wore for family pictures. He and his brothers thought it would be funny to show up wearing ugly suits so they went to the D.I. and found some. (I don't think this is that ugly).

They brought their 'real' suits with them because they figured their mom would be pretty mad and make them change - but everyone laughed, Amber thought they looked good, so they ended wearing them for the actual pictures! The pictures turned out really well. See them here: