Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the horses

Lately I have been going over to my Aunt's house to ride horses and hang out. I usually ride her (nice) horse Raine, and she'll ride either Angel (the white one) or Whisper (the black one). It's been so nice to be around horses again. I've been obsessed with horses since I was little, and when I was a teenager (I can actually say that now!) I used to take riding lessons. I haven't been able to ride much since I moved back to Utah, so finally being able to has been the BEST! I am so grateful that my busy busy aunt lets me come and play!


Photobucket "The Babies" - Levi on the left and River on the right. They have such fun little personalities -Levi is way laid back, and River is curious and a little . . . can we say princess-y? But seriously they are so adorable, they could cheer anyone up.

Photobucket Can you tell they're friends?



Brein said...

BEAR!!! Those are amazing pictures!!! The second one is my fav!! AWESOME JOB! I love you like crazy and I'm so glad you get to ride now!

Madi said...

Rainey is soooo pretty. They all are. I love those baby horses. Levi was a little wild man when I first met him - aww