Tuesday, September 22, 2009

milgram me

I had to go to court today. I really psyched myself out about going - "Do I have to say I'm guilty?" So I went and sat quietly, judging how other people presented themselves to him - were they respectful or whiny or casual or . . .? And tried to decide how to act.
I was submissive and courteous and just went along with everything that was said.

Have you heard of that experiment where they made people give electric shocks to someone? (go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment - I really need to learn how to insert links) And basically everyone obeyed authority instead of stopping, even when the voltage was enough to kill a person?

Yeah, that would be me. Killing someone with electric shock because my superior told me I had to.


It's amazing what getting a speeding ticket can make you think about.


William said...
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William said...

Your blogs crack me up! Why did you have to go to court?

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Aariel said...

I had to go because I got a speeding ticket. And I guess in Pleasant View you aren't allowed to just pay the ticket or go to traffic school - you have to talk to the judge first.

Marty Jensen said...

I agree with William - you're funny and quirky!

Anonymous said...

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