Wednesday, February 17, 2010

doughnuts and love

I know I look retarded BUT LOOK AT MY B.F.F. - !

Could he be any sweeter? I don't think so. For Valentines he bought tickets for us to go to the Symphony in Salt Lake. I am so excited... I get to dress up! It makes me want to wear white gloves that go up to my elbow, like Anastasia in the cartoon movie.

On a different note, I decided to make doughnuts tonight. I was really craving double blueberry doughnuts, but thought these would do the trick.. I've never made doughnuts (donuts?) before, and except for burning the last couple, they turned out all right.
Yayyy, for my first time doughnut making success! Yay for husband letting me snap a picture of us together!!


Brein said...

Yay for blogging! Xoxox - PS did you see the hot pic of you I posted on facebook?

Emily Harkness said...

I'm glad you like my bro! And your doughnuts look yummy!

Madi said...

Give me a donut please.