Wednesday, March 3, 2010

did I shave my legs for this?

Last Sunday Kristofor and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting. The topic was "My faith in the Atonement guides my life."

Yeah. For real. It wasn't just 'faith,' or just 'the Atonement' or something easier...I was scurred!

I stayed up late the night before getting everything ready. We have church at 9, so I wanted to take care of anything that could be done the night before. First, I tried on 10 different outfits before settling on what to wear (like anyone but me could tell I put effort into my outfit). Then I worked for a bit on my talk. Then I showered and decided how to do my hair. Then I finished my talk at at about....oh, 3 o'clock I crawled into bed. WHEW!

I realized the next morning that in the hustle and bustle of "Saturday is a Special Day" I forgot to shave my legs, but oh well, no one can see your legs when you're giving a talk except the bishop and he shouldn't be looking either!

The talks went well. Kristofor only had about 5 minutes to give his 15 minute talk....(and he stayed up until 5 getting it all ready....I KNOW!!)

But no one fainted or died. And afterwards people only said "I enjoyed your talk" and not "Nice hairy legs, you hippie."

It was sure nice of them.

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Emily Harkness said...

Aariel--you're so funny!