Thursday, October 7, 2010


Every day (or ever other day, let's not get too specific), I go out to check on my little garden...

Most of the plants I've grown this year are gone - spinach, green beans, lettuce, a few radishes.. But I have some cucumber plants with bunches of cute little cucumbers growing, ever so slooooowly. I check to see if, magically, one has grown to picking size over night. I swear, it happened once, with my first and only cucumber of the year - and it tasted divine. It hasn't happened since then, though, and I doubt any of my other cucumbers will reach maturity before autumn decides to really settle in. Even so, I go check on my plants, pick a stray weed, will the cucumbers to grow big, and fast, before hurrying back inside.

However.... On Wednesday I went outside as usual, checked my tomato plant, checked the cucumbers, pawed around for a couple strawberries, and had the impulse to pick a carrot. See, I didn't thin my carrots very well, so most of them have been pretty stumpy and small. I usually just leave them alone hoping they will grow long and slender so I can give some to my dad and maybe keep a few to eat myself.

This is the carrot I picked.


A little orange monster - perfect timing for October. I though it looked like a ghost, so I drew him a face. I've kept him in the fridge because Joseph wants me to keep him Halloween (don't ask me why), but he's getting kind of soft. So I thought I'd take a picture of him for my blog, before he gets too old, and also take a second to say:

Aren't you so glad fall has taken it's time to get here?

Most posts to come, soon. Promise.


Madi said...

I love him!! I'm surprised you have anything to pick when all the kids pick the crap outta that garden when they are there :P

Brein said...

He is sooo cute! AND spooky!!!

Emily Harkness said...

Thanks for another fun little laugh! I love your blog!