Monday, January 2, 2012

getting organized

Using my bad-quality iPhone pictures, I'm going to show a little before and after of my sewing area. (Did I mention I lost my camera?)

 I was using an old shoebox to store all my sewing materials, and the whole desk was a mess because I had nowhere to put things. So I took this 3-drawer organizer we'd been keeping all of our old shoes in and decided to re-purpose it. 

Inspired by this post, I decided to put some colored paper on the inside of the front of the drawers to add a little pop of color, and to hide what was inside them.

Ta - da!

Instead of mod-podging the paper to the inside of the drawers like she did on MadiganMade, I just taped them with good old scotch tape. I figured that would be easier to switch out in case I get bored of the colors, and I think it looks just as good. I have some semi-permanent vinyl letters that I used to number the drawers.. not that they need it, but I like the look and they come off easily.

It was super easy, and now my sewing area is really organized - we'll just see if I can keep it that way.  =)


Madi said...

love!!! your so cute you make me jealous! i love you bear!

Aariel said...

Mwahaha! My one goal in life is complete - to make my big sister jealous. ;) Jk, you know I love you too!!