Sunday, January 8, 2012

candy corn

So, I had this skirt:

I thrifted it, and then only wore it once because it was long (I had already hemmed it in this picture) and too too bright! 

So, getting some fun inspiration from - where else - Pinterest, I decided to bleach it.

But, still not being over my love of all things ombre, I decided to somewhat dip-bleach it. I'm not sure what to officially call my method, but basically, I dipped half of the skirt in the bleach, let it sit for a while, pulled it out a little, let it sit for a while, etc. 

(While all this bleaching business was happening, I watched this movie, A Day in the Life.. Basically, people around the world filmed what their life was like in one day and it was compiled into this movie - pretty unremarkable, except one scene which made my cry my eyes out. Seriously, I was caught off guard and found myself nearly sobbing. Kristofor even came upstairs to see what was wrong. The scene showed a cow being killed in a slaughterhouse - it was pretty graphic and I wasn't expecting it at all. I've seen Food Inc. and other shows, showing animals in horrible living conditions, etc. But nothing has ever made me consider swearing off meat, as much as seeing that. Did it keep me from going to Texas Roadhouse the next day? No. But, I didn't eat cow meat, because somehow it's easier to justify eating a chicken. Pretty silly.)

I didn't take any pictures of what I did next, but the bleach hadn't done quite as much as I wanted, so I thought I would try to dye the bottom of my skirt a bit darker. I wanted it to be pink, but...

 It's orange! Really orange.

My puppy is getting so big!

 Which is okay...

But it does remind me a bit of a certain Halloween candy..

Hahaha! Not quite what I was going for, but oh well, it was worth a shot. I could try hemming it even more, but not sure I want to.

I'll still wear it. Probably.

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Madi said...

lol! you better wear that! ;)