Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the day after

 The day after my birthday, Kristofor and I went out. We went to Famous Dave's for lunch (may I recommend their spicy mac n cheese - it's sooo good!), and then went shopping.


We picked up some Blizzards for DQ - even though we were stuffed from our big lunch. Who can say no to ice cream? It was a good day. I ended up spending most of my birthday money at Target - love that store.

Here's the trunk of our car, where my treasure hunt ended. When I opened it the streamers blew right in my face and I *might* have screamed. Just a little. 
 The camera was sitting there in the middle of all the gold coins.. I also got some awesome pirate tattoos and candy along the way. 

And what's a post without a picture of our naughty little puppy?

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Brein said...

How fun!! Love your pictures! Tell us bout the camera! It is after all, your new baby. :)