Friday, March 2, 2012

skirt -> nap -> date

Like I said 2 months ago, I made another skirt! And am just now getting around to posting it.. yikes! I ended up being a bit short on fabric, so my skirt's a bit tighter than what I wanted. It's all bunchy at the waist, and tight around my hips. Ah well, it was a good experience and even - dare I say - fun? 

And now for some random Instagram pictures!

Sunday nap... I was just waking up when Kelso decided it was cuddle time. Apparently my upper body makes a good pillow. This is good information to have for the future.. right? 

In the car before we went and saw TinTin. We really liked it, it was fun. And that Snowy - so cute! Not as cute as my puppy though.. right? I had someone tell me the other day that they didn't think Corgi's are very cute dogs and I was shocked! Haha. Before we got Kelso, I didn't think they were the cutest either, but you know how it goes - every parent thinks their kid is the cutest and smartest. 

I have tons more pictures that I need to upload, but Kristofor has the Touch at work today so it will have to wait. 


Brein said...

Loving your hair dark in that last pic, really brings out those baby blues! Also, even though I am technically related... I think Kelso is pretty dang adorable myself. :)

Aariel said...

Thanks, Bre! I would totally keep my hair darker if my roots didn't look so bad! It's nice to look more like mom. =) But I also miss being blonde.. ahh, such is life!