Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Introducing: Oscar!

I was bored Saturday and decided I definitely needed a fish. This is what happened! Above is his humble fishy home, nice and cozy next to the printer. Below is a picture of all he did the first day - stay at the very top of the water. He would occassionaly swin around, but I think he was used to his tiny cup/home and wasn't used to all the water!
I named him Oscar. I was thinking of Thaddeus, but it just didn't work. It took me 2 DAYS to pick his name. Partly because I was fresh out of ideas, partly because I kept forgetting.
He really is very pretty.

I will probably post pictures of my crabs soon. They are so ugly, it will be a fun photoshoot.


Madi said...

He really is beautiful. What happened to naming him Ruffio? Oscar is really cute too. he looks like a lot of fun. Those are the kind of pets i like. They one's that don't poo all over the place. i hate poo.

Luckedout said...

Imagine the day you have to name a child if it took you 2 days to name a fish! We had 2 betas when we were newly weds and kidless.... They died when we moved to a basement apartment and the heater didn't work very well.... it was too cold. So don't let them freeze to death like me!!! :-)