Saturday, October 11, 2008


Kristofor and I took the Frontrunner to Salt Lake last weekend to go to Conference. I was so excited because I've never even been in the Conference Center - plus, I love Salt Lake.


A nice lady took our picture before we boarded. We did Sudoku the entire way down.
Ogden!! I love Ogden. It's ugly and pretty at the same time.

being serious.
Waiting to leave.

The dog food factory, home of Ogden's nasty/kinda-good-if-you-don't-know-what-it-is smell. (the yellow one, I think.)

Yar! After conference there was a guy dressed up like a Devil walking around wtih a Book of Mormon asking people if they wanted to read his favorite book. I know, I should frown upon this and I do, but . . . I couldn't help but laugh. He went through all that effort of dressing up and painting his face, when no one is going to listen to him! Plus, he just looked silly. Oh my. I just wonder why people don't have something better to do with their time?

It was so rainy and cold, but pretty because rain makes the color of everything more vivid. I was glad Kristofor has an umbrella, but it was kind of dangerous! I got poked many-a time and I'm sure I accidently stabbed my fair share of unsuspecting victims.
Coming back to Ogden. The Union Station is probably my favorite building (besides temples) in Utah. Or maybe the entire world. Who knows, I just love it!

C'est fin!

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Brein said...

I love your pictures!!! The ones of Ogden are so beautiful. :) Love it baby!