Monday, October 27, 2008

for madi's eyes only . . . kind of

So Madi and I were trying to figure out what to be for Halloween (yes, 4 days in advance). I'm borrowing Lynette's dress and really wanted a hat to go with it, but this is the best I came up with. At first I was so excited; then I realized it looks like a turban, especially from behind!
AND, the dress is too small for me, which is clearly visible in this picture.

Okay, I am proud of how clear a picture my camera took! >:[ grr shadows

It was fun to dress up for a litle photoshoot, but I think maybe I won't for Halloween. If it was just with family or friends I would - but it would only be for work (no halloween get-togethers), and I promise I would be the only person dressed up.
Then when people would ask what I am ? A girl dressing up? I have a dress from the 70s, a washcloth made into a scarf (which kristofor said makes me looks like a poor person - he saw it sans the dress) and my own shoes. So I wouldn't be anything, really.


Brein said...

LOL!!! I love the hat, and no that dress does not look too tight at all.

Madi said...

That dress is not too tight. If anything I would like to see it one size smaller ;) I love the rag hat, it's cute from far away. You look really pretty regaurdless :)