Saturday, April 25, 2009

kinda preachy.

Kristofor and I went to SLC today. I had to go see an art exibition for a class, and we wanted to see the "Under the Sea" 3-D movie at the IMAX. It was WAYYY cool, but kinda preachy.

We took the frontrunner, armed with enough candy to keep us entertained.

And rode the Trax around Downtown Salt Lake. Boy, they are ANAL about people keeping their feet of the chairs. But it didn't stop us....

We saw the coolest trees...I want to know what kind they are, because they have really cool dangley balls on them (ummm....nut trees?) PLUS, their bark is yellow, green, AND BROWN!! All at once! I wonder if they're shedding..?! Okay probably not, but it was still cool.

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oddpeterson said...

Those trees are awesome! I love the picture of the temple too.