Wednesday, April 22, 2009

free at last!

I survived! I now officially have 2 tax seasons under my bulging belt, and it feels good to be done!

So Spring is here and I wish it would stay forever. Sometimes it feels like winter goes straight to summer, -NOT fair!! It makes me sad because I am in love with everything spring - the wind, the sun, the blossoms, fresh smells, birds, baby animals, breaking out clothes that I've forgotten - flip flops, capris, sunglasses - and putting away clothes I want no part of for the next 8 months - jackets, coats, boots (altough mine were lovely), scarves, gloves - everything bulky and annoying.

I love Spring because it makes me feel free. I can walk around barefoot, without a jacket, sunglasses on if the desire strikes . . .

I know I should be grateful for all I have - and let's face it, I've been INCREDIBLY blessed - but . . . I wish I had a yard to play in.

I hate hate hate having a yard around me and not feeling like I can even walk on it. So right now I'll have to settle for taking pictures in the cemetery across the street.
Please, I'm really not a creep!

1 comment:

William said...

Beautiful pictures Aariel!

And I agree about Spring...