Saturday, April 11, 2009

roobin sanwitches

Okay, so.
My parents always make Reuben sandwiches on St. Patricks day. I don't know why (I'm perty sure I'm not even 1% Irish) but I love it because it's one of the few traditions we have. And I want to keep it forever.
Because we always need excuses to hang out. Right?
Oh, how I wish my window wasn't covered in snow when I took this.

Caught ya!

The num-nums.

Okay, and I caught Jameson in the kitchen trying to put a puzzle together.

Roman sittin' in the snow. If you don't know him, this picture will give you an idea of how funny he is.

AND! I went to get a picture of my dad giving Evan a shoulder ride and Evan ducked to the side so he wouldn't get in the picture! I guess he thought I only wanted a picture of Grandpa. So funny.

Funny faces.

Annnnd, my wreath! I thought it would be cheaper and cooler and more fun to buy my own materials and make one rather than buy one . . . It really wasn't much cheaper, but I like it! I can't decide if it's for Easter only, or if I can stretch that timeframe out and make it a 'spring' wreath.


US! said...

Cute Wreath! It's totally worthy of Spring!

Madi said...

Super cute wreath! I want one please. Thank you. I like that we actually have a family tradition too. We are pretty lame-o in that department. We all need to harass daddy to do more and to spend more time with us. We are actually quite fun if he'd give us a chance! :)

Brein said...

Etsy is calling you to make more of those super cute wreaths! Also your pix of the grandkids are adorable!