Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back in the olden days:
Kristofor didn't have facial hair. Can you believe it?? He looks so little. Well, I geuss he's only 21 in this picture, and I am almost 21 now,'s almost like we're the same age in a way. Does he look a little embarassed to be with me? My head looks huge...

I'm in a nostalgiac mood tonight.

Is it wrong to miss my old dead fish Oscar when I have a new, fancier replacement 8 feet away from where I sit and type? Plus, it's not like me and Oscar hung out a lot anyway..

Is it wrong to miss my old view of Ben Lomond, when I lived in North Ogden with my parents? You could stand in the street and BEHOLD, there was that mountain with nothing to get in the way of your view. Now I'm on the other side of town and can barely make out the outline... Nevermind that my in-laws live next door to my parents old house so it's not like I never get that same view...but I still miss it.

Is it wrong to miss the days you were in high school, when in real life you hated high school itself? I miss school lunches. I miss how confident I was my senior year, and how much less I cared about what I looked like.

Is it wrong to miss that little baby 21 year old Kristofor, with no facial hair, when I get to see him every day? I miss how much fun we used to have dating. I miss it not mattering what we did, but because we were doing it together it was fun. And, really . . . I miss making out just for the fun of it.

**Madi, please note that this is not meant to be a 'complainer blog' but I needed to post and I'm just in a sappy, missing things mood.**

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Madi said...

lol Im not the blog nazi. Complain if ya want. I was mostly talking about some chicks blog and when she complains she does it in such a bratty prissy Im better than everyone cuz I have money sorta way. None of my actual blogging friends or family do it. I'll show you the blog sometime.

Is it wrong for me to miss Roman being a little baby when he is so much more fun now?
How about missing my newborn when I still have a baby?
I miss school too. And I hated school.
I miss sharing a room with you.
I miss when nick & I were 1st dating & married.
I miss lots of stuff too. Even though life is great & wonderful I still miss the "olden days"