Friday, January 8, 2010

stuff I like

This post is just a bunch of pictures of stuff I like. One day when I'm a trillionaire I will be able to purchase to my hearts content. For now, window shopping on the internet will have to do. =)
These earrings look so classic. Like I could wear them on my date tomorrow, and when I'm 34 dropping kids off at school, and when I'm 72 getting checked into the old folks home.
These shoes from Anthropologie. They're similar to ones I already have, only crazier.

This bedding, also from Anthropologie (I'm not really that obsessed, I just happened to be on their website today. promise.) It would be like jumping into a pool of liquid candy every night.

Patterned tights. Like fishnets, except less hooker-y and more socially acceptable.
Oh, these shoes. I doubt I would ever really wear them, but they look yummy enough to eat. Not that I eat shoes. That would be gross and my GI tract probably would throw a fit. But if I were a shoe eater you can bet these would be at the top of my menu.


Madi said...

Not gonna lie, I wish my dad would send me a special song ;)

Lindsay said...

Aarie -- I LOVE these red shoes. Where did you find them? Yum, yum.

Aariel said...

They're from Forever 21 =)