Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I officially want to dye my hair.

I've been blonde my whooooole life. And while my hair is certainly a darker shade of blonde now than it was when I was 4, let's just say I'm a towhead through and through. See? Natural color, right here. I've dyed my hair tons of different colors - but just between you and me, I'm secretly proud that my natural hair color is so blonde. Most blonde's are more of a light brown. Not mine - I'm a true blonde (does that make me sound ditzy? Did I even spell 'ditzy' correctly?)

Anyway. Something happened today that made me determined to dye my hair a darker shade of anything.

In my aerobics class I was jogging alongside a certain lady in my class. We don't know each other, but were in the same group, and happened to be going the same pace - a slow jog.
**Side note: lots of girls in my class are super skinny, and super fit. What's with the need for aerobics, girls? I know, I know, it's good to be healthy. But really, they make me feel like a huge, lumbering buffalo. Side not over**
Whilst we were jogging along, the following conversation ensued.
Lady: "I have a hard time going any faster than a jog because I have anemia and it's hard for me to get energy. I almost had to be hospitalized last semester because of problems I have with it."
Me: "I'm just slow because I'm out of shape."
Lady: "Well, plus, you're albino, right?"

Hold up. What???

What do you say to that? All I could do was slowly shake my head. Like...Not that having alibism would be a bad thing, but isn't it easy to tell if someone has it? PLUS, what does that have to do with running speed? Are albinos naturally slow?

So, I have nothing against people who are albino. But really.

It's time for a dye job.


Madi said...

LOL that made me laugh so hard. Oh Bear, that lady is nuts. You do NOT look albino. As if thats a disadvantage in the exercise world. unless they have health issues?? Let your light so shine. Stay blonde. Hold your albino chin high.
I love you. that made my night. Thank you for sharing that.

Brein said...

LOLOLOLOL I can not stop laughing. That took me by surprise! Albino would have never crossed my mind. I think some do have vision problems and some have get anemia and lung infections but it depends on the kind they have. Let your Freak Flag Fly!! And don't let anyone judge you for the color of your skin... or eyes or hair for that matter. :D