Thursday, June 3, 2010

I would totally write this in my journal but a blog is easier

Right now:

Kristofor is sitting on a folding chair, playing a video game.

I just finished reading some of my new book, Percy Jackson - the Lightning Thief. I've been wanting to read it and Kristofor got it to me for our anniversary. So far it's a winner.

I keep thinking about a girls' night I've been planning with all my Jensen/Peterson sisters. We're going to be crafting it up, and I'm really looking forward to it. I finally finished buying all the supplies today so all that's left is for me to decide what I want to bring for food.

I'm still in my work clothes, which are just regular clothes, but it still makes me feel like I should be busy or something. It reminds me of when I was in my Junior year in high school. Right after I got home from school I would change into my pajamas - or at least my pajama bottoms. Maybe if I got cute pajama bottoms I could start that habit up again...

My parents have a small garden in their back yard that I've been wanting grow stuff in. It still needs to be tilled and planted. Will anything grow this time of year? I've never done gardening before. I was lazy and waiting to borrow our neighbor's tiller but I think I'll have to just do it by hand or else it will never get done. I hate when you plan on doing something and then for silly reasons, it doesn't happen. That's this garden. Except it will happen. At least the preparing and planting and watering. If nothing grows, then so be it.

I'm wondering why things happen the way they do. I feel like things should have a purpose, but then there are also coincidences, right? So what's 'meant to be' and what's coincidence? I don't even know any more. Is it something I just make up in my head?

My eyes have been bugging me lately. Probably too much time spent staring at a computer monitor.

And with that, night night.


Brein said...

You look just like Joe in that picture! Wish I could give you tips on gardening but I don't know much. I know Doug bought armanian cucumbers he still has to plant so I don't think it's too late if you get little plants... I'm not sure about seeds. Love you! Love your post! And remember it's not wether it was meant to be or just a random thing happening... it's what you DO with it. :P

Madi said...

The earth is our mother she will take care of us. ;)

Aariel said...

Stop! I've had that song in my head ever since Wednesday. It's awful. =(