Thursday, May 27, 2010

ma famille

Do we need another post about my baby brother Joseph? Yes?? Okay!

So this is a picture of me and Joseph and our nephew Roman. Posing as a family. Oh wait, what? We are family? Well okay then. Not so disturbing, now is it.
I kept teasing Joe that his hair looked like Will Smith's from the 90's. He cut it before he left. Peer pressure, anyone?

Anyway Joseph is graduating from AIT in less than 2 weeks - Hallelujah!!! I'm so excited for him to get home. Kristofor and I will randomly say things to each other like "When Joe gets home, we're going to ________" Fill in the blank. When Joe gets home we're going to go play tennis every day. When Joe gets home we're going to play this video game together. When Joe gets home we're going to hang out in our room all the time. When Joe gets home we're going to go see that movie.

Joe can't get home soon enough 'round these parts. He's been away for too long! I don't deal well with being apart from my family. It would be better if we could email each other or something. We text - occasionally. When he can. He'll send me texts out of the blue about what kind of dream he had the night before, or about a certain girl in his platoon who looks like a mixture of my mother-in-law and Amanda Bynes. I really like those texts.

Joe is funny because he presents himself in such a way that people get different ideas about him. Like some people might think he's cocky. Stuff like that. But the thing is... Joe is much more than what meets the eye (And he gets mad that people aren't aware of that - you're supposed to just know!). He's extremely thoughtful. Like... he ponders stuff. He's a thinker. And he hates drama. He's blunt. Sometimes he's intimidating. Sometimes he's so loud in your basement apartment that your landlords who live upstairs get mad. Sometimes he'll send my sisters texts where they can't interpret how he means something - like if he sends them a text that says "What." And sometimes they assume he's being mean. And sometimes he is. But usually he's just messing around. Remember what I said about him being intimidating?

Well, according to my dad Joe is going to call tonight. I can't wait to find out what day he's coming home. I miss him. He's my true friend. I can talk to him about anything. Well... almost anything. Sometimes he stops the conversation if it ventures into weird territory. See?? Joe is cool like that.

Can I get an amen? ;)


Madi said...

Oh my gosh come home already Joseph. Im so sick of him being gone. I just want to hold him like a tiny baby and never let go. :D

Brein said...


oddpeterson said...

I don't even want to know what will happen when he goes on his mission.

Aariel said...

Knowing this family we'll try to get him to stay home just for our own satisfaction...