Sunday, October 24, 2010

happy thoughts


- I don't think I've ever enjoyed Fall as much as I have this year. It's been lovely - the colors make me want to cry. But I don't - at least not in front of anyone. ;)

- Kristofor downloaded this soundtrack for me from one of my favorite movies of all time, the Darjeeling Limited. My current favorites are numbers 3, 7, 8, and 19. I can't stop listening.

- I'm about two thirds of the way through all the clinical hours that I need this semester.

- Kristofor and I went to Famous Dave's last night. The meal was so delicious, I was happy the rest of the night just thinking about it. Mmmm, BBQ.

- I made a batch of coconut/oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies tonight - they're for Kristofor, hence the coconut. I wish that meant that I didn't eat any, but I probably had more than him. Awww. =(

- I've spent the past week watching the first 2 seasons of Parks and Recreation - folks, I think I may like this show more than The Office. And that's saying something. I'm seriously considering watching all of it again this week.

- This past week at the hospital we made Halloween decorations using old x-ray films - we cut out a bunch of bats, a witch, a black cat, etc. and hung them up all around our department - yay for Halloween!

- I bought this shirt last week for our little photo shoot and have been loving it - especially the price I got it for.

- Farr's Fresh ice cream - words cannot explain how much I love this place. Milkshakes from a drive through no longer tempt me, I only want to go here.

- I saw Leo on Wednesday.. (For those of you who don't know, Leo is my parents 10 y.o. Maltese. Earlier this week he went to the vet and got all but 3 of his teeth pulled.) I gave him a treat and after he swallowed he kept... gumming. Like smacking his lips together, except it was more just smacking his gums together and licking. I laughed so hard and tried to get him to do it again, but he got too excited and just kept barking instead.

Little poop.

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Madi said...

he's not 10 is he?! Aw man. I am in LOVE with your pictures by the way they turned out amazing!