Thursday, December 9, 2010

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So lately I've been on a blog-reading kick and not so much of a blog-posting kick. The more blogs I read the more boring and unaccomplished I feel, so I've been avoiding posting on here. I hate when I let insecurities take hold in my brain, because it's hard for me to shake them.

Especially stupid insecurities caused by blogs - blogs! For pete's sake... Oh, me.

Anyway, I'm done with Fall Semester! WhoooohoOO! My first semester in the Rad Tech program is down, I'm 20% of the way through the program and going strong! Well, at least I think I'm going strong, we'll see how strong I feel when I see all my grades. I think I did pretty well. Most of the work is tests and I'm a good test taker, so that doesn't stress me out TOO much. BUT! I have this problem where I don't study very much for tests and then after the test I forget whatever I've studied, so that will probably bite me in the butt when the program's over and I have to take the test to get my license.

I really have such a bad memory, it stresses me out and makes me feel like an old geezer.

Speaking of old geezer's (not really), my little brother Joseph got his mission call to Bangkok, Thailand! I'm so excited for him, and nervous, but mostly excited. He leaves in January to go to the MTC. I want to take him out to get some Thai food before he leaves, but don't know of any good places. Any ideas? Are there any Thai connoisseurs out there? To be honest, I'm kind of scared to eat Thai, I think my picky taste buds won't be open to the new experience. I guess we'll see.

So let me know if you know of any good places, or if you want to come. =)


Brein said...

I want to come!! I don't know any places but I'll be there with bells on. :) As far as feeling insecure. I feel the same way. But screw it! You gotta be who you be. I love that girl.

Emily Harkness said...

Congrats on a semester down! As for Thai food...

A great place to try is East Side's a dumpy little place but has some yummy Thai food. The Pad Thai is a good one to start with, because it is pretty mild and way yummy! It is on Harrison, south of the college. Or there is Bangkok Garden on about 24th and Grant. Even MORE dumpy, but has a huge menu of lots of fun things to try.

Madi said...

Yay you blogged! I have been waiting for you to come back around. Not that I have any room to talk I have been suckin it up hard core too on blogging. :)