Sunday, January 16, 2011

easy monies

My baby brother Joseph left for the MTC last week. He'll be there for 12 weeks and then head out to Thailand until January 2012. I'm really excited for him, but to be honest... I'm selfish and missing him already.

The kid thinks "let me get a picture of you" means "stick your tongue out all gross like"

In other news, Kristofor is now working full time at the hospital! Yay!

In other other news, my dear old friend Feathers died. Booo! :( I had him for just over a year. Between him and Oscar, I don't think I have a very good track record as a fish mother. So instead of running to the pet store for a new model, I'm going to retire the old fish bowl for a while, or at least until Kristofor and I move.

p.s. Feathers may or may not still be laying at the bottom of the bowl, dead as a doornail. And deteriorating. But Kristofor won't flush him for me and now that his body is all nasty and his eyeballs are gone, I am too scared to do it myself. I keep threatening to pay someone $10 to do it for me, so...

Any takers?

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Madi said...

I feel the same! What he's doing is wonderful but I miss him. a lot. our poor fishies huh?. We flushed ours right away but the tank is still out on the back porch. sick.